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MSN Messenger的更名带动了msgplus的更新,一个全新的名字Messenger Plus! Live v4.0出现了.这个工具可以为 MSN 加上一系列的方便的功能.比如保存历史纪录、使用IRC命令、隐藏广告栏等等,大大的增强了 MSN 的功能.



  • Messenger Plus! Live 4.00 will soon be released. Some last compatibility fixes have been made into Messenger Plus! 3 to make sure the upgrade goes smoothly for everybody. Note that both software will be capable of running together but won't be entirely compatible, that's why Messenger Plus! Live automatically disables Messenger Plus! 3 upon install. You can then, if you wish, reinstall Messenger Plus! 3.63 (and nothing below it) if you still want to use Messenger Plus! in Windows Messenger 4 or 5.
  • A new major version of sponsor will be distributed with Messenger Plus! Live and I thought it would be appropriate to include it along with this update. The new sponsor package is distributed by Circle Development Ltd and I'm sure everybody will be happy to know that they've removed what users didn't like the most: the home page change and the search bar. Also, in case you would wonder, nothing has been added either compared to previous versions.
  • The sponsor agreement in the setup has been enlarged so that everybody can read the part about advertisement without scrolling. The screenshot of the search bar has been removed as it's not installed anymore (and it wasn't really needed anymore anyway as there's no way you can mistake the sponsor's agreement for anything else now).
  • When the sponsor is installed, Messenger Plus! is listed as "Messenger Plus! 3 & Sponsor" in Add/Remove Programs so that people can locate it easily if they don't remember installing the ads with Messenger Plus! after some time.
  • Developer's note: due to the way version 3.62 was compiled, a network path was embedded in the binaries (pointing to the pdb file). This was causing extra delays to developers trying to debug something on their computer with Messenger Plus! installed as their debugger was trying to locate my computer name on their network. This is now fixed.

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    Messenger Plus! 3.63.148

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