Messenger Plus! Live 4.01.240

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Messenger Plus! Live 是Windows Live Messenger的扩展,添加了大量功能和改进,可以让WLM的使用更简便,更有乐趣.今日发布4.01.240版本,更新列表很长.



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  • Scripts: added Contact::Network property to identify contacts from Yahoo Messenger
  • Messenger Plus! Live now refuses to start on previous beta versions of Windows Live Messenger
  • Added compatibility for the "Clean Messenger" patch
  • Clicking "Apply" in the preferences to select a new language closes the preferences window to make sure the changes are applied properly
  • More resistant to Smiley Central, although if you install or uninstall it after Messenger Plus! Live, you'll have to reinstall Messenger Plus! afterwards
  • Emotion sounds are not played when another user is current logged in Windows
  • "Auto replace" quick texts enclosed in ## characters now work properly for text smaller than 3 characters
  • The Messenger Lock preference's section has been reorganised
  • Every character entered while the command helper window is displayed is properly inserted in the edit window
  • The Quick Icons panel is back! this was initially planned for version 4.10 but all your messages convinced me that I couldn't delay this feature anymore
  • The panel now has a fixed size and provides a scrollbar to navigate in your list of emoticons. It loads faster this way and helps keeps things organized
  • Custom emoticons are rendered a little bit bigger than before to help recognition (as 6 foot tall emoticons seems to be the trend nowadays)
  • You now have an option to replace Messenger's emoticon panel by the Quick Icons one (when clicking on the emoticon icon in the toolbar or pressing Ctrl+E)
  • Customization of the panel is much easier and understandable than before. You can create as many customised sections as you want , each with their own names. Use this to group emoticons by theme, frequency of use, etc..
  • Fixed: closing the sound panel while a sound is being loaded for preview can crash Messenger
  • You can now choose to display 20 sounds at a time in the sound panel
  • Scripts: Menu buttons now generate CtrlClicked events
  • Scripts can now be installed in Windows Vista and on limited Windows XP accounts (remember that Vista support is still experimental though)
  • Scripts: LstBoxSelChanged and LstBoxDblClicked events are properly generated
  • Global shortcuts can now be associated to personalized statuses
  • Double clicking on a script pack or a sound pack in Windows Vista works properly (in Vista, it currently requires administrator privileges, you can bypass it by importing the files directly from the Messenger Plus! windows). If you still fail to import a
  • Fixed: commands or scripts that send messages while a message is already typed in the edit window causes emoticons to be lost
  • Scripts: the Messenger::MyName property can be changed even when the user is using a personalised status with a name tag
  • Scripts: the OnEvent_ContactMediaChange and OnEvent_MyMediaChange events are fired when the media is removed
  • Fixed: audio and video requests are not automatically accepted when "Auto Accept" is enabled
  • Fixed: Messenger is not launched properly with MSN Explorer when Messenger Plus! Live is installed
  • Compatible with MSNP14 (currently enabled when you sign-in for Yahoo Messenger interoperability). Messenger Plus! can now interact with Yahoo Messenger users exactly like it interacts with Windows Live Messenger users (remember however that your Yahoo use
  • Fixed: very short emotion sounds sometimes don't "stop" and the link doesn't change to Play when the sound has ended


Messenger Plus! Live 4.01.240

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