Windows Media Player 11 for XP 发布详情

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得到了一些关于WMP 11 for XP的消息,是一位不愿意透露姓名微软员工发出的,微软在5月17日已经公开发布过一个版本,而RTM即将在今年的晚些时候发布,最快就在下一个月的14日.以下是WMP之前的更新列表和RTM时的改进:
Features in WMP 11 for XP (June 06):

* New UI
* Support for better synchronization for portable devices
* Album “stacks” of album art
* Indexed libraries with search-as-you-type features
* User controlled downgrade of quality for DRM content to allow for smaller files
* DRM content will contain metadata that shows what the user is allowed to do with the file
* Includes Microsoft and MTV’s Urge music store

Features in WMP 11 for Vista (Early 07):

* Everything that is in the WMP 11 for XP
* Playing content (including DRM) on your PC from another PC or device
* Viewing content from the Vista Media library on other PCs or digital devices, such as Tivo
* Playback of High Value video content
* Shell integration with Windows Media Player
* Content Indexer change notification to sync My Music and WMP library
* DVD Fullscreen playback enhancements
* DRM Transcode
* High quality video streaming over home networks
* Media foundation for playback

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Windows Media Player 11 for XP 发布详情

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