Vista Transformation Pack 5.0 发布了!

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这是一套能够将Windows XP/Server 2003操作系统,完美地模拟成Windows Vista的软件.最新版本的发布吊足了我们的胃口,现在我们终于可以尝尝鲜了! 现在你可以把Windows安装文件整合转换到Windows Vista风格.登录界面,Aero图标,效果"极好的"主题更新,启动屏幕和一些资源更新.解决了 IE7 中的bug, 和一些shell packs的冲突.内含更新列表和下载.
Changes in Version 5.0
-Added function to update existing UI transformation to the machine (Now user doesn’t need to uninstall before applying new ones anymore!)
-Added function to choose whenever user wants to apply UI transformation to the machine and setup files folder or enter Maintenance Center
-Added Q&A from Windows X’s shrine forum (made by [email protected])
-Added setup destination for applying Vista UI transformation (system transformation or setup integration)
-Added System Files’ resources modifying verification so you can know if this program can modify your system files or not
-Added system files compatibility with Neutral language ID (0)
-Added Vista wide screen boot screen (16:9) option
-Fixed Guest’s user picture lost after uninstall
-Fixed Internet Explorer 7 modifying issues
-Fixed LClock’s install path association bug
-Fixed Rebuilding icons cache problems on some machines (Need to be executed from maintenance center)
-Fixed Shutdown/Logoff button text removing (impure backup file, losing explorer.exe on some machines)
-Fixed some resources modification bug (such batmeter.dll resources on xpsp2res.dll, etc.)
-Fixed Themes service will be always enabled after uninstall (I’ve heard enough complaining about this)
-Fixed Vista logon’s shutdown button disappearance bug on some machines
-Fixed Windows drive icon removing bug
-Moved Vista logon to Windows interface section
-Re-arranged transforming process for easier understanding
-Removed Windows Media Player 11 (Codename Eclipse) skin (Get the real beta ones if you want to use it)
-Removed out-dated Vista wallpapers (Get wallpaper pack from somewhere if you want all of them)
-Seperated Set Windows Vista OS drive icon option from system files icon option
-Seperated system files and Vista UI stuffs for ease of management
-Updated appearance selection on uninstall instead of enable/disable Themes service
-Updated toolbar button
-Updated massive Vista icons from build 5472 (million thanks to Sebas who helped me with the icon resources)
-Updated Vista boot screen with previous ones (since it looks better)
-Updated Vista logo in System Properties from build
-Updated Vista logon background (higher resolution)
-Updated Vista sounds scheme (Startup and Logon from Beta 2 build)
-Updated Vista toolbar flag
-Updated Vista visual styles
|-Updated Vista Beta 2 horizontal shellstyle (Added Blue folder icon)
|-Updated Vista Beta 2 TaskBandButton with new fancy light button
|-Updated Vista Beta 2 themes with ressources from build 5472
|-Updated Vista Beta 2 visual style and normal WindowBlinds skin with new Standard theme
|-Updated Vista WindowBlinds glass border (Now it’s as close as the real ones!)
|-Updated Start globe to be compatible with VistaStart (Test with 1.3)
-Updated Vista wireless tray icon
-Updated new Calculator and TimeDate icon
-Updated Vista Start Menu classic

下载: Vista Transformation Pack 5.0
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Vista Transformation Pack 5.0 发布了!

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