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一套功能强大,可取代记事本的文字编辑器,拥有无限制的Undo/Redo、英文拼字检查、自动换行、列数标记、搜寻取代、同时编辑多文件、全屏幕浏览功能.而它还有一个好用的功能,就是它有监视剪贴簿的功能,能够同步于剪贴簿自动将文字贴进EditPlus 的编辑窗口中,让你省去做贴上的步骤.另外它也是一个好用的HTML编辑器,除了可以颜色标记HTML Tag (同时支持C/C++、Perl、Java)外,还内建完整的HTML和CSS1指令功能,对于习惯用记事本编辑网页的朋友,它可帮你节省一半以上的网页制作时间,若你有安装IE 3.0以上版本,它还会结合IE浏览器于EditPlus窗口中,让你可以直接预览编辑好的网页(若没安装IE,也可指定浏览器路径).
* Code Folding based on line indentation (View->Code Folding).
* 'Copy as HTML' command (Edit->Clipboard).
* 'Search Document', 'Search All Open Files' command (Edit->Insert).
* $(WindwList) argument macro supports 'Create temp file of remote file' option.
* 'Use XHTML tags' option (Preferences->General).
* Setup program supports 'Store configuration files in my profile directory' option.
* 'Sum' command (Tools).
* 'View in Browser 2' command (View).
* 'Create File' command (Directory Window).
* 'Default encoding' option (Preferences->Files).
* 'Beginning page number' option (Preferences->Print).
* Holding down the Shift key when deleting file bypasses the Recycle Bin.
* Backup File Directory option allows environment variable.
* 'Warn if server doesn't respond in 10 sec.' option (FTP Settings).
* Adds 'Document'->'File Format Multiple' as a separate command.
* Toolbar button for 'File Directory', 'Monitor Clipbaord', 'Set Read Only'.
* 'Use system font in dialog box' option (Preferences->Fonts).
* 'Trim trailing spaces on save' option (Preferences->Settings & syntax).
* 'UTf-8 signature' option (Preferences->files).
* Supports Unicode big endian files.
* 'Always on Top' command (Window).
* 'Find in Directory' command (Directory Window);

* On the FTP upload status, cancel button could cause program crash.
* Word wrap could be wrong when deleting text.
* Find and replace on column selection could cause program crash.
* 'Force displaying hidden files' FTP option caused problem with VMS servers.
* Keystroke recordings did not work with the Tabs to Spaces command.
* Some Hangul IME did not work correctly.
* sftp could not handle servers which send SSH_MSG_IGNORE packet.
* FTP did not work correctly with some Mac servers.
* Program could crash with some syntax files.
* Duplicate Char command did not work correctly in some cases.
* NTFS File summaries were not preserved on file save.
* Clicking '..' on Open Remote dialog box did not work with VMS servers.

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EditPlus 2.30.286 官方发布

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