Daemon Tools v4.0.8

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一个不错的虚拟光驱工具,支持加密光盘,装完不需启动即可用.是一个先进的模拟备份并且合并保护盘的软件,可以备份 SafeDisc 保护的软件,可以打开CUE, ISO, IMB, CCD, BWT, MDS, CDI,VCD 等这些虚拟光驱的镜像文件 (以后将支持更多的格式).
有了它,您就可以把光盘镜像直接变成一个光盘盘符,也就是说您可以不用把镜像释放到硬盘或者再刻出光盘就可以当做光驱一样用了.有了它,您也可以把体积比它大 100倍的 Virtual Drive 扔了.注意:要打开 VCD 格式的映像文件,要在文件名处输入 .VCD 回车即可.
Changes in version 4.0.8:
- This new version supports silent setup now. Example: daemon408-x86.exe /S /D=F:Some Folder
Note that no quotes must be used in installation path even if name has spaces.
- All critical errros will be still displayed no matter silent or not.
- Case of parameters is important, eg. /s will not work.
- Reboot prompt will not be shown.

If SPTD was not present then it will be silently installed but PC will not be rebooted - it is assumed the administrator who performs unattended install will take care of reboot and restarts DT setup after reboot in this case. It is best first to use standalone SPTD installer and install it silently this way: sptdinst-x86.exe add /q

Note: SPTD 1.37 will not display debugger warning dialog anymore. They left this info in EULA only as this message confuses many users and also not "silent setup friendly".
Standalone SPTD 1.37 installer is released by Duplex Secure officially and can be obtained at their website http://www.duplexsecure.com

Also fixed:
- a lot of Installation problems (f.e. invalid device, prob 12 etc).
- SPTD 1.37 fixes also problem reported with virtual drive from InterVideo DVD Copy 5.


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Daemon Tools v4.0.8

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