EditPlus v2.12 Build 181

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EditPlus是一款功能强大的文字处理软件.它可以充分的替换记事本,它也提供网页作家及程序设计师许多强悍的功能.支持HTML、CSS、PHP、ASP、Perl、C/C++、Java、JavaScript、VBScript 等多种语法的着色显示.程序内嵌网页浏览器,其它功能还包含FTP功能、HTML 编辑、URL 突显、自动完成、剪贴文本、行列选择、强大的搜索与替换、多重撤销/重做、拼写检查、自定义快捷键,等等...
Extract the files in the ZIP file to EditPlus directory.
* New version crashed if the old version had the maximum 30 syntax settings.
* Displays FTP server name.on the Recent Files also.
* Overwrite prompt on the Save as Remote dialog box did not work in some cases.
* 'Duplicate Char' command did not work with variable-width fonts.
* 'Always apply wrap' option caused program crash when printing selection.
* 'Leading Spaces to Tabs' command over a selection could crash program.
* Shortcut key for Directory popup menu could not be set.
* Align commands did not work in word wrap mode.
* Holding Shift key with 'Replace All' button disables Undo feature.
* Improved warning message for large files.
* 'Stop' command on the output window did not work in some cases.
* Detecting UTF-8 files did not work correctly in some cases.
* FTP file date was not displayed correctly in same cases.
* 'Matching Brace' option could cause program crash in some cases.
* Perl syntax highlighting was not correct with $' and $" symbol.
* Regular expression ' ' did not work correctly in some cases.
* Regular expression [^] (not in range) did not work with case sensitive option.
* Firewall option did not work.
* Backup file extension option (Preferences->Files)
* 'Properties' command on the Directory Window popup menu.
* Line Comment command sometimes did not work correctly in word wrap mode.
* Match Brace did not work with embedded script inside quotes.
* Toggling browser and editor with remote files did not work correctly.
* 'View in Browser' command on the Directory Window popup menu.
* 'Sort' option on the Function List dialog box
* -pr project_name command line option for selecting project
* Keystroke recording did not support Find in Files command.
* Toolbar buttons for Reload, Lock Files command.
* 'Create/Rename/Delete Directory' command on the Directory Window.
* $(Copy) argument macro to copy selection before running user tool.
* Matching brace feature did not work correctly at the end of wrapped line.
* Syntax highlighting in some cases failed at the column 4097.
* FTP file list was not correct on some AIX FTP servers.
* Matching Brace feature did not work correctly in some cases.
* $(Prompt) argument macro for user tool.
* Upload command could cause error message on program exit.
* 'Delete Marked Lines' command did not work correctly in word wrap mode.
* Embedded script did not use its own auto-completion.
* Allows auto-completion upon Enter key
* #AUTOCASE=y section added in stx file for automatic case correction.
* Shows a delete confirmation when it is turned off with Recycle Bin



EditPlus v2.12 Build 181

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