FlashFXP v3.4 Beta 5 - PUBLIC BETA Released

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感谢mm的报道,好久不见 :)
FlashFXP是功能强大的FTP和FXP客户端,拥有很多特性.界面简洁易用.利用FTP协议,你可以从远程服务器上下载,上传文件.它能使你更容易的更新你的站点,从公司服务器上下载文件,甚至在使用Web浏览器不成功的情况下从因特网上下载文件.同时 FlashFXP支持在两个站点之间传送数据(FXP),断点续传,同步目录,预定下载任务等等.
Updates since FlashFXP v3.2.0.1080

New Features

  • The graph font can now be changed seperately from the application font.
  • Global "Bind Socket to IP" setting.
  • Per-Site "Bind Socket to IP" setting.
  • Multi-language support. See http://www.flashfxp.com/languages for more information.
  • Added new status msg "Listening on PORT: X, Waiting for connection." to help troubleshoot PORT mode connections.
  • If Passive mode fails two times in a row, FlashFXP will switch to PORT mode or vice versa.
  • If the connection is lost to the ftp site you can continue to browse cached folders and queue files. If a task is performed that requires a connection, FlashFXP will reconnect back to the ftp site and then perform that task.
  • You can now browse cached folders and queue files while a transfer is in progress.
  • Added Replace feature to internal Text Editor.
  • Secure certificate details are now stored for later reviewing, they can be viewed via the Site Manager / SSL Tab.
  • When the speed limit is activated you will see a status indicator icon in the statusbar next to the transfer filename.
  • Added new option in Preferences / Display / Options "Accurate file system shell icons", when unchecked FlashFXP will use the default icon for each file type. Using default icons rather than accurate icons improves performance.
  • Per-Site speed limit settings.
  • Global option to disable speed limiting for lan transfers.
  • New command line options for download/upload/fxp (see updated helpfile)
  • Added support for Clear Command Channel (CCC)


  • Syncronized Browsing. When browsing remotely the local sync now occurs after the change dir, rather than after the list complete.
  • Rename will now cancel out if the folder/file name only contains spaces.
  • The active selection in the Preferences is now saved and remembered when you re-enter the Preferences dialog.
  • OpenSSL DLL's updated to 0.9.8a (Compiled with VS2005 for speed)


  • When selecting files in the local browsing the selection size isn't updated probably due to a syntax error.
  • If FlashFXP was locked with a password and on transfer complete triggers it was unable to close properly.
  • If the connection is lost during a delete operation and the user clicks yes to the a reconnect prompt, after connecting FlashFXP sometimes ended up in the wrong folder.
  • Once the connection retry count was reached the 'Go' and 'stop after current transfer' buttons states weren't updated properly.
  • If you connect to a site and while that connection is still being attempted click 'go' the connection attempt isn't properly reset prior to connecting to the site in the queue.
  • Other minor fixes.

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FlashFXP v3.4 Beta 5 - PUBLIC BETA Released

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