eMule 0.50a Final

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2002年05月13日 一个叫做 Merkur 的人,他不满意当时的 eDonkey2000 客户端并且坚信他能做出更出色的 P2P 软件,于是便着手开发.他凝聚了一批原本在其他领域有出色发挥的程序员在他的周围,eMule 工程就此诞生.他的目标是将 eDonkey 的优点及精华保留下来,并加入新的功能以及使图形界面变得更好.



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it has been a long ride, but now we are finally halfway there  We are once again happy to present you a new shiny version: eMule 0.50a. Many small but nonetheless important fixes and changes were made, but the main features of this new version are:
  • Making eMules file verifying algorithm future proof by combining the ed2k hash with the AICH hash to identify and verify downloaded parts and files. This guarantuees that existing and newly found MD4 weaknesses will not affect eMules ability to deliver uncorrupted files in the future.
  • Several GUI improvements, like supporting new taskbar features of Windows7, easier access to download commands by adding a new toolbar, an improved shared files dialog and a brand new Kad graph to look and wonder at
  • Better usability in small LANs by adjusting Kad to such an environment and supporting highspeed uploads
  • And as always fixing bugs and adding other small changes


eMule 0.50a Final

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