Alcohol 120%/52%

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光盘刻录软件的完整解决方案,能完整的仿真原始光盘片,让你能不必将光盘映像文件刻录出来便可以使用虚拟光驱执行虚拟光盘且其效能比实际 光驱更加强大;另外,Alcohol 120%可支持多种映像档案格式,你可以利用其它软件所产生的光盘映像文件直接挂载进Alcohol 120%之虚拟光驱中,便可直接读取其内容;你也可以直接将 CD,DVD 或光盘映像文件刻录至空白CD-R / CD-RW / DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD-RAM / DVD+RW 之中,而不必透过其它的刻录软件,方便你对光盘及映像文件的管理.
UPDATE Double space in file name or file description problem. (image file list xml file, the AlcoholImageFileList version upgraded to alcohol 1.1
UPDATE Drive support updated.
Minor bugs found.

FIXOn-the-fly copy in Copy Wizard would not work, "No space on disk" error shown.
FIXImage Finder sometimes crashed Alcohol on certain systems.
FIXOptions in File -> Image file list -> Shell context menu wouldn't work.
FIXProblem with wait for disc window, when burning multiple disc's Alcohol could not detect new disc's being inserted on certain systems.
FIXWhen attempting to burn an already burned RW disc, and selecting the option to erase the disc, sometimes (randomly) erase woulD not be performed on certain systems.
FIX Invalid Image Size error when windows theme changed.

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Alcohol 120%/52%

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