DAEMON Tools Net 4.36.0310 - 网络版

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著名的虚拟光驱软件DAEMON今天公布了最新概念DAEMON Tools Net。
这种软件不但可以虚拟光驱,还可以把你的镜像文件组织成网络上的文件,它最大可以虚拟成16个iSCSI设备和4个IDE设备,方便各种安装了不同协议的计算机读取,DAEMON Tools Net是一款收费软件,不过他们提供了试用版来让管理员们评估20天,以确定是否有购买的必要。
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• iSCSI Server. DAEMON Tools Net server enables you to create up to 16 iSCSI targets that can be mounted with images. DAEMON Tools Net clients can connect to any iSCSI network device and use its content as if there was a disc inserted into a real drive.
• Image Catalog sharing. DAEMON Tools Net enables you to share all images on the server via Shared Image Catalog. So any DAEMON Tools Net client accesses the images to mount, edit and burn their content as if they were on a local computer.
• Remote access security. DAEMON Tools Net server protects access to iSCSI targets with a password or by setting a maximum number of connections allowed simultaneously. DAEMON Tools Net client does not need local administrator privileges to connect to iSCSI targets.
• License managing. License Manager is DAEMON Tools Net server component that manages clients' licenses. It handles license activation and validation so DAEMON Tools Net clients are not required to have live Internet connection to work.
• Client. Both server and clients combine all basic functionalities available in other DAEMON Tools products. You are enabled to:
* Make images of your original discs; convert images, burn or edit them via Image Editor.
* Emulate up to 16 SCSI and 4 IDE virtual devices.
* Create good conditions for work with DAEMON Tools Gadget, command line interface and shell extensions components.


DAEMON Tools Net 4.36.0310 - 网络版

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