Fedora 15 Beta发布

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Fedora Linux(第七版以前为Fedora Core)是较具知名度的Linux发行包之一,由Fedora Project社区开发、红帽公司赞助,目标是创建一套新颖、多功能并且自由(开放源代码)的操作系统。Fedora 基于Red Hat Linux,在Red Hat Linux终止发行后,红帽公司计划以Fedora来取代Red Hat Linux在个人领域的应用,而另外发行的Red Hat Enterprise Linux(Red Hat企业版Linux,RHEL)则取代Red Hat Linux在商业应用的领域。
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== Features ==

Desktop enthusiasts and end users of all sorts can look forward to:
    * Gnome Shell and the Gnome 3 desktop. Gnome 3 is the next major 
      version of the Gnome desktop. After many years of a largely 
      unchanged Gnome 2.x experience, GNOME 3 brings a fresh look 
      and feel with GNOME Shell.
    * LibreOffice Productivity Suite. LibreOffice is a fork of 
      OpenOffice, with the support of the OpenOffice.org community. 
      All of the applications you know and love are still there, 
      including apps for spreadsheets, document creation, and presentations.
    * Desktop environments a-plenty. The Xfce and LXDE spins have 
      been updated, and the Fedora Spins SIG has other offerings 
      tailored to a wide variety of user needs. 

Sysadmins will love features such as:
    * Appliance building. BoxGrinder creates appliances (virtual 
      machines) from simple plain text appliance definition files 
      for various virtual platforms, and is great for building 
      appliances for use in a Cloud environment.
    * Dynamic Firewall. The dynamic firewall mode aims to make it 
      possible to change firewall settings without the need to restart 
      the firewall and to make persistent connections possible. 

Coders have lots of new development tools to try out, including:
    * Updates to popular languages. Python 3.2, Rails 3.0.3, and 
      OCaml 3.12 are all included in Fedora 15.
    * Project tooling. Maven 3 is a Java project management, project 
      comprehension, and build system tool.
    * Compiling and debugging. GDB gets an update to 7.3, and GCC 
      4.6 is included. (Fedora 15 has also been rebuilt using GCC 4.6!) 


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Fedora 15 Beta发布

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