EmEditor Professional 10.1.0

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简单好用的文本编辑器,支持多种配置,自定义颜色、字体、工具栏、快捷键设置,可以调整行距,避免中文排列过于紧密,具有选择文本列块的功能(按ALT 键拖动鼠标),并允许无限撤消、重做,总之功能多多,使用方便,是替代记事本的最佳编辑器之一。

- Fixed the bug that during uninstalling or updating, Explorer is displayed as a list of used files, and Explorer may spontaneously close during uninstalling or updating. The bug fix is enabled after this version is uninstalled, so you still might experience the bug when you update to this version.

- Fixed the bug where printing files in the Binary (Hexadecimal view) mode.
- Fixed the bug that when a very large CSV/TSV file is opened, there is a long pause after the file is finished opened.
- Fixed the bug where eeupdate.exe is still run even when "Do not check updates" is selected for the Update Checker options.
- After opening a file as CSV/TSV mode, when reloading the file, the file used to switch to the normal mode. Now it will not switch to the normal mode.
- Fixed the bug of the Paste with Quotes and Returns command.
- Fixed the bug of the hexadecimal escape sequence (\x{hhhh}) for the replace string.
- A part of the Help was translated into the Korean language.

http://www.emeditor.com/pub/emed32_10.1.0.exe (32-bit installer)
SHA1: ADAD161830878795F85B48BBCD00BF53CE92267A size: 12,472,528 bytes
http://www.emeditor.com/pub/emed64_10.1.0.exe (64-bit installer)
SHA1: 36D0A0717E526EEA26FA676BB5060881CFD431B9 size: 13,337,344 bytes
http://www.emeditor.com/pub/emed32_10.1.0_portable.zip (32-bit portable)
SHA1: 651FD03C713711C22936F925098514FA5D818879 size: 9,752,600 bytes


EmEditor Professional 10.1.0

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