HyperSnap 7.04 Final

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HyperSnap-DX 是个屏幕抓图工具,它不仅能抓住标准桌面程序还能抓取 DirectX, 3Dfx Glide 游戏和视频或 DVD 屏幕图。本 程序能以 20 多种图形格式(包括:BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PCX 等)保存并阅读图片。可以用热键或自动记时器从屏幕上抓图。功能还包括:在所抓的图像中显示鼠标轨迹,收集工具,有调色板功能并能设置分辨率,还能选择从 TWAIN 装置中(扫描仪和数码相机)抓图。

2011.08.03 HyperSnap 7.04 released

  • Selection of image area (rectangular or freeshape) is now added to undo-redo states, so e.g. if you select an area and accidentally click outside, you may press Undo button to get it back.
  • Most image processing functions (color processing and image effects like mosaic etc.) now work correctly on freeshape selection.
  • Some users were confused why tools like spray can, flood fill or eraser were disabled by default. Now they are enabled and switch automatically into "draw on image" mode. A message is displayed when this switch happens, the user may disable the message after becoming familiar with this feature.
  • Edge effects like torn edges etc. are now also "shapes" and can be moved, copied etc. like everything else.
  • Corrections to printing code to correctly print torn edges and similar effect, hopefully they also fix a problem with printing on some HP laser printers.
  • When pasting something at the top, bottom, left or right of the image - or similar effects when capturing a region and adding in that way - the added image is now a separate shape that can be moved and manipulated in any way.
  • Cut-out strip function sometimes did not work (did nothing), fixed.
  • A number of other small fixes.

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HyperSnap 7.04 Final

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