FlashFXP 4.1.1 Build 1651 Final

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FlashFXP是一款功能强大的FXP/FTP软件,集成了其它优秀的FTP软件的优点,如CuteFTP的目录比较,支持彩色文字显示;如BpFTP 支持多目录选择文件,暂存目录;又如LeapFTP的界面设计。
Changes in FlashFXP v4.1.1.1651 @ 9/25/2011:
    * Fixed an issue where certain raw command groups contained invalid keyboard shortcuts that would be bound to standard A-Z characters without a (alt, ctrl, shift) modifier, in most cases binding to the "e" key, this prevented the "e" character from being entered.
    * Fixed an issue with plain text FTP downloads being incomplete (missing the last few bytes) under heavy disk i/o.
    * Updated the installer script engine to resolve an issue with FlashFXP failing to install on large hard drives (the previous fix was a crude patch), this is an official update from the developer.
    * Fixed 'compare folder' and 'transfer mode' tool-bar button defect, after clicking the drop-down arrow the button arrow disappeared.
    * Fixed defect in the behavior of the "Stalled transfers > Restart transfer if no data transferred" option, when the option was unchecked the feature did not disable as intended and the stall detection timeout was to 0 seconds triggering a timeout.
    * Added status-bar status icon indicator to reflect when FTP MODE Z or SFTP compression is enabled.
    * Fixed an issue where the "parent folder" item in the server file list was unclickable after performing a remote folder delete.
    * Fixed an issue where local browser would revert back to the default local path after a file transfer if the connection is lost or if you're not connected to the server when the transfer is executed.
    * Fixed an issue when importing sites from total commander, the password field wasn't decrypted correctly.
    * Changed the way the navigation tree monitors for folder changes, in previous builds FlashFXP monitored all drives, now only the drive of the selected folder is monitored for changes. This change was needed to resolve an issue that prevented the user from removing removable hard drives while FlashFXP was running.

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FlashFXP 4.1.1 Build 1651 Final

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