Microsoft Security Essentials Pre-release 再发小版本更新

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今天接到了微软的在线更新推送,Microsoft Security Essentials Prerelease 反恶意软件客户端更新至 4.1.509。此前微软在下载中心发布了 Microsoft Security Essentials Prerelease 的版本为,包括 32 位和 64位。


Machines running the prerelease version of Security Essentials will get a software update through
Microsoft Update starting tomorrow. Due to the way Microsoft Update works it may take a few days
until all machines receive the update.

This update includes several ‘under the hood’ improvements like bug fixes, performance improvements
etc. It also includes the following features and changes:

    Fixed a number of memory leaks and issues seen in high stress scenarios
    Made some security hardening changes to MSE in general
    Addressed a bug in handling exclusions on Dynamic Disks on XP
    Addressed a bug on the handling of default actions of clean vs. quarantine on certain malware
    Addressed a rare bugcheck seen in developer scenarios with compiles
    Changed UI History tab’s Date to reflect the time malware was remediated, instead of the last
        signature update time
    A new feature that reduces the circumstances that the Action Center turns red on upgrade for
        machines on Vista SP1 and above.

The update will be availble on Connect Downloads and Microsoft Download Center shortly afterwards.

Thanks again for participating in the Microsoft Security Essentials Prerelease program.

MSE v4.1.509.0 的关于对话框:

值得注意的是,MSE Prerelease 只有英文版本,而不提供其他语言版本支持。如果想升级,还请考虑到这一点。


Microsoft Security Essentials Pre-release 再发小版本更新

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