Ashampoo Burning Studio v7.01 Final 多国语言版

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德国Ashampoo公司一款功能强大简单易用的CD/DVD刻录工具。没有繁杂的设置和操作,只需简单的操作就可刻录你的文件。主要功能有:-创建MP3 CD/DVD光盘;-将电影刻录为DVD/VCD/SVCD;-创建和刻录CD/DVD映像文件;-保存和加载项目文件;-擦除CD-RW/DVD+RW/DVD-RW;-从资源管理器中用拖放式操作添加文件;-支持127个字符的DVD文件名和64个字符的CD文件名;-自动设置刻录速度及其他选项;-无需任何插件直接把WAV、MP3、FLAC、WMA和Ogg Vorbis文件刻录为音频CD;-非常方便地复制各种CD/DVD;-已支持的CD和DVD刻录机超过1700种。
New functions and improvements in version 7:

Create Video DVDs

- Create Video DVDs from normal movie files. Almost all formats are supported (WMV, AVI, MPEG, ASF, ...).
- Add amazing looking animated DVD menus. They not only look impressive, but they also allow you to directly choose the movie to play on your DVD-Player .
- Select one of many animated themes for the menu.
- When you change the theme you instantly see an animated preview of the new one.
- You can fit much more than 120 minutes of video on one DVD. Burning Studio will automatically adjust the encoding quality according to the available space on the disc.

Create modified copies
-You can now make modified copies of your existing CD/DVD/Blu-rays.Theyare similar to a normal copy, except that prior to burning you canaddand remove files and folders. These changes will then automaticallybeincorporated, when the copy is made.
- Modified copies of bootable discs will stay bootable! So you can now easily add files to a bootable disc.

For experts
- Experienced users can now also build their own bootable discs by importing a boot image. In addition to this you can also choose the file system you want to use for data discs and generate it directly. Supported file system options include ISO 9660 levels 1 and 2, ISO 9660 Windows (Romeo), Joliet and UDF (1.02, 1.5, 2.50, 2.60).

Improved backup and restore files
- Specify at what size backup files will be split up.
- Select files and folders that you want to restore.

Improved Audio-CD ripping
- Store your audio tracks as MP3 files.

System requirements:
Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows Vista
For users of Windows® 2000 we recommend Service Pack 2 or later.
As a user of Windows® 2000, Windows® XP you have to be logged in with full administration rights.


v7.01 Final:(Ashampoo产品好像都自带延长期限免费申请)


Ashampoo Burning Studio v7.01 Final 多国语言版

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