7-Zip 9.31 Alpha / 7-Zip 9.22 Beta / 7-Zip 9.20 发布

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7-Zip是一个开放源码的数据压缩程序,主要用在Microsoft Windows操作系统,Unix-like的操作系统如Linux与 FreeBSD下面有7-zip的移植版本p7zip可以使用。它提供命令行接口的程序或图形用户界面的程序,而且可以与资源管理器结合。7-Zip是自 由软件,由Igor Pavlov于1999年开始发展,并把主体在GNU LGPL下发布,加密部份使用AES的代码,使用BSD license发 布,解压RAR部分使用RAR特定的许可协议。

Changes in version 9.31 Alpha, 2013-11-29:
- 7-Zip now can create multivolume SFX archives in 7z format.
- ZIP, NSIS, HFS, AR support was improved.
- 7-Zip now supports files larger than 4 GiB in ISO archives
- Improved compression ratio in 7z format with maximum or ultra level for executable files (EXE and DLL) that are larger than 16 MB (improved BCJ2 filter).
- Improved support for file pathnames longer than 260 characters.
- CRC and SHA checksum calculation for files can be called via Explorer’s context menu.
- 7-Zip File Manager now also takes into account the numbers in filenames for sorting order.
- 7-Zip File Manager can open files in “Parser” mode via “Open Archive > #” context menu command. It shows the list of archives inside file.
- Command line version:
# # new -t# switch to open file in “Parser” mode and show the list of archives inside file.
# # new -stx{Type} switch to exclude archive type from using.
# # -scs switch now supports UTF-16 encoding.
- The BUGs were fixed:
# # 7-Zip could work incorrectly in decompression of more than one multi-volume archive in one command.
# # 7-Zip 9.24 alpha – 9.30 alpha versions could not extract ZIP archives encrypted with PKWARE-AES method.
- New localization: Irish.


7-Zip 9.31 Alpha (32-bit)

7-Zip 9.31 Alpha (64-bit)

7-Zip 9.22 Beta (32-bit)

7-Zip 9.22 Beta (64-bit)

7-Zip 9.20 (32-bit)

7-Zip 9.20 (64-bit)


7-Zip 9.31 Alpha / 7-Zip 9.22 Beta / 7-Zip 9.20 发布

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