WinRAR 5.21 发布

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系统压缩必备利器——Rarsoft官方送来了WinRAR v5.21 最新版本,此次更新修复之前版本有时可能会产生压缩文件比用户要求rar5文件体积稍小的问题,修复了一些bug;最近新版主要支持ZIP、 ZIPX解压XZ算法,支持高DPI分辨率屏幕。



Version 5.21

1. "Drag and drop context menu" options in "Settings/Integration/

Context menu items" dialog allow to disable WinRAR archiving

and extraction commands in context menu displayed after dragging

and dropping files with right mouse button.

2. If winrar.ini file is present in the same folder as WinRAR installer,

winrar.ini will be copied to WinRAR program folder after completing


3. While previous versions could produce RAR5 volumes of slightly

smaller than requested size sometimes, such situation is less

likely now. In most cases volume size equals to specified by user.

4. Now by default WinRAR skips symbolic links with absolute paths

in link target when extracting. You can enable creating such links

with "Allow absolute paths in symbolic links" option on "Advanced"

page of extraction dialog or with -ola command line switch.

Such links pointing to folders outside of extraction destination

folder can present a security risk. Enable their extraction only

if you are sure that archive contents is safe, such as your own backup.

5. Bugs fixed:

a) WinRAR 5.20 issued unnecessary user account control (UAC) prompt,

when running an executable from archive stored in UAC protected

folder. Since nothing is extracted to folder containing an archive

in such case, UAC prompt is not needed;

b) WinRAR could overwrite files with read-only attribute only

when unpacking RAR and ZIP archive formats. Now it is also

implemented for other archive formats supported by WinRAR;

c) "Elapsed time" and "Time left" were displayed incorrectly

when applying "Convert" command to multiple archives

and enabling "Add recovery record" option.

Size: 1.68 MB

WinRAR 5.21 Final 32-bit

WinRAR 5.21 Final 64-bit


WinRAR 5.21 发布

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