WinRAR 5.30 Beta 4 发布

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流行好用的压缩工具,支持鼠标拖放及外壳扩展,完美支持 ZIP 档案,内置程序可以解开 CAB、ARJ、LZH、TAR、GZ、ACE、UUE、BZ2、JAR、ISO 等多种类型的压缩文件;具有估计压缩功能,你可以在压缩文件之前得到用 ZIP 和 RAR 两种压缩工具各三种压缩方式下的大概压缩率;具有历史记录和收藏夹功能;压缩率相当高,而资源占用相对较少、固定压缩、多媒体压缩和多卷自释放压缩是大多 压缩工具所不具备的。




WinRAR 5.30 Beta 4 x86 (1.31 MB)

WinRAR 5.30 Beta 4 x64 (1.45 MB)

RAR 5.30 Beta 4 за Linux (812 KB)

RAR 5.30 Beta 4 за Mac OS X (617 KB)

Version 5.30 beta 4

1. It is allowed to specify environment variables in path to external

viewer in WinRAR "Settings/Viewer" dialog.

2. Folder wildcards behavior is changed, so command like:

rar a backup c:\backup\2015*\*

will search for '2015*' folders only in c:\backup. Add -r switch

if you wish to search also in all c:\backup subfolders.

3. If wrong password is specified when extracting an encrypted file

in RAR5 archive, WinRAR will not create folders contained in file path.

Previous versions created file path folders even if file extraction

failed because of wrong password.

This change does not affect RAR 4.x format, which does not allow

to verify password validity before starting file extraction.

4. Bugs fixed:

a) "Delete files after archiving" option of default compression

profile was ignored in drag&drop operations in previous beta.


WinRAR 5.30 Beta 4 发布

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