Avira 小红伞 Premium Security Beta 4发布

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大名鼎鼎的小红伞Avira Premium Security发布了最新的Beta4测试版,并开始针对测试用户推送,本次版本最大的更新是一个全新的皮肤.




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Filename Format Filesize MD5-sum
beta-04_winnt_en.exe SXF 22.04 MB 02fa46c92c1822e48be7aae2be77b794

File-info: Avira Premium Security Suite (AntiVir 8, ENGLISH) Beta 4


beta-04_winnt_de.exe SXF 22.05 MB 9f496f7573942fd5d07f411eb63637a2

File-info: Avira Premium Security Suite (AntiVir 8), Deutsch, Beta 4 (English)


license.zip ZIP 1014B 58d84e02aefc406baebf531bb7c03f88

File-info: Avira Premium Security Suite (AntiVir 8) Lizenzdatei (English)


changelog.zip ZIP 13.49 KB 96783e71e2b43e56dc13b271f8cfa945
  File-info: Changelog of AntiVir 8 (PDF, English only)







AntiVir 8 Beta - Changelog
Welcome to the AntiVir 8 Beta. AntiVir 8 is the new platform for Avira Security
Note: this version of AntiVir 8 beta is still incomplete. We'll update this beta
version with all new features step by step until the release.
You'll find all major changes done on the single versions in this file
### Beta 4 ###
" ADD: Renamed engine files av*.dll files to ae*.dll
" FIX: Fixed False Positive HTML/Exploit.HTML
" ADD: Generic detections of web-based malware
" ADD: New AntiVir 8 style graphical user interface. The new GUI features
groups and a more modern look and feel at all.
" ADD: WebGuard now supports a WebCategorizer (“WebCat”) and allows blocking
of unwanted URLs. WebGuard supports only category ‘Phishing’ right now.
" ADD: WebGuard now provides a small download manager (slide up from system
tray). This should solve issues where users do not know if their request is
being processed.
" FIX: Timeout prevention in WebGuard has been improved. Users now should see
the SaveAs dialog much faster.
" ADD: MailGuard now supports scanning of outgoing emails. Please note that
SSL and TLS encrypted connections are not supported for obvious reasons.
" ADD: MailGuard has an internal Anti-MailBot detection included.
When correctly configured, this feature prevents other programs from sending
emails in user’s name without the user’s acknowledgement.
" ADD: Firewall templates now allow a simple and easy definition of exclusions
for specific tasks.
" ADD: Improved leak detection inside Firewall
" ADD: Firewall reduced the number of popup messages by automatically allowing
known software manufacturers
" ADD: Integrated Backup solution allows backup of personal data to mass
storage devices like USB hard disks, etc.
" ADD: System now allows differentiating between ‘Detection updates’ (this
updates all files which are essential for malware detection only) and
product updates. Detection updates are always loaded, product updates only
on demand (optionally)
" ADD: support for more languages. AntiVir is now available in the following
languages: German, English, Russian, Italian, Spanish and French. Note that
the Classic Edition will NOT be available in all languages.
" ADD: Setup now allows some configuration of basic Firewall settings
" ADD: AntiSpam has an automatic self training mode which will improve
detection ratio and reduce false positives.
" ADD: reduced the memory footprint of Control Center and trayicon
" FIX: various crashes in Control Center
" ADD: The firewall supports activation/deactivation of the rules for each
" FIX: improved Outlook and Outlook Express address books import


Avira 小红伞 Premium Security Beta 4发布

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