Messenger Plus! Live 4.60.324

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Messenger Plus! Live 是 Windows Live Messenger 不可或缺的插件,就这么简单.自从 2001 年成为简单的 MSN Messenger 3 外挂直到现在,被安装一亿五千万次后, Messenger Plus! 保证可以大大增进您使用 Messenger 的经验.你得到的将不会是一两样新功能,而会是有着新气象的 Windows Live Messenger.
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Messenger Plus! Live 4.60.324 (19/03/2008)

  • You can now filter yourself out from event logging.
  • Mobile Device chat windows are now fully supported by Messenger Plus!.
    • Features like Quick Texts, commands, smart tags and previous message recall are now accessible the same way as they are in normal chat windows.
    • Logging is fully functional.
    • Mobile chat windows are now tabbed too. If you prefer keeping your mobile chats separated from one another, you can use the new TabMobileChatWnds registry setting.
  • If too many Plus! notification popups try to be displayed on screen, Messenger Plus! queues the extra windows to be displayed later, when possible (so that notifications aren't displayed out of screen).
  • WMA sounds can now be selected for event notifications.
  • Fixed: some animated GIF display pics (Messenger 9) display improperly in the Contact Information windows.
  • Fixed: /font does not work in Messenger 9 Beta.
  • Fixed: some of Messenger Plus!'s own resources are loaded before the currently enabled skin, preventing them to be modified.
  • Fixed: a couple of bugs that could cause Messenger to crash in some specific occasions. More stability! always a good thing.
  • Fixed: external libraries distributed with scripts that need registration on import (OLE or .NET) fail to register in Windows Vista with UAC on. Messenger Plus! also makes absolutely sure now that the libraries are properly registered before trying to start the script for the first time.
  • Fixed: notification popups from Messenger Plus! may steal the focus.
  • Fixed: notification windows from Messenger Plus! don't animate depending on your Windows settings.
  • Fixed: Messenger may not lock or unlock properly when using several Messenger accounts (polygamy) with the same shortcut specified for locking or unlocking.
  • Scripts: a new function called Interop.GetCallbackPtr() has been added. It allows the creation of callback parameters for Windows API calls to functions like EnumWindows.
  • Scripts: mobile chat windows are now supported. The following property has been added: ChatWnd.IsMobileChat. A new MENULOC_MOBILEWND enumeration has been added to OnEvent_MenuClicked() and OnGetScriptMenu().
  • Scripts: you can now upload files to FTP servers using the new MsgPlus.UploadFileFTP() function. Success or failure is indicated through a call to OnEvent_UploadFileComplete(). This new function can also be used to check an FTP connection without uploading anything.
  • Scripts: a new PlusWnd::Button_SetElementText() function has been added to change the text of text elements defined in "custom look" buttons, check boxes, and radio buttons.
  • Scripts: added a new PlusWnd::GetElementPos() function to get the current position of an Element (such as a Place Holder) in a window.
  • Scripts: some small improvements made to the new built-in editor.
  • Scripts: MsgPlus.DownloadFile now accepts two additional parameters: Username and Password. They can be used when downloading files from ftp servers that need authentication.
  • Scripts: added a new MsgPlus.ExtractFromZIP function to allow easy extraction of files from a ZIP archive.
  • Scripts: you can now set Messenger.MyDisplayPicture to an empty string to remove the display picture of the current user.
  • Skins: the Metadata\File element for replaced images now works properly (replaces resources of type 4006).
  • Skins: a new DateRange restriction type has been added.
    • You can use it to make your skin change automatically depending on the current day, month, or year.
    • Remember that the date is analysed only when Messenger starts.
    • It is recommended to use the PlusVersion restriction as well to prevent the date restricted groups to be automatically included in older versions of Messenger Plus!. You can also set the top level "Version" attribute of "SkinInfo" to 2 to prevent the whole skin from being loaded in older incompatible versions.
  • Skins: extracted pictures placed in Graphics\Pictures are now named differently if the picture is actually a reference to another one. This mean that for example, picture 4000_91_ref600.png is a reference to 4000_600.png and that only the later needs to be modified in Messenger's resources.
  • Skins: a new "Colorize" boolean element has been added to RGBA "Color" resources. It allows more advanced users to enable colorization for a given color instead of specifying an intensity (useful so that the default associated color does not end up being grey).
  • Skins: a new top-level "Fonts" element has been added. You can now distribute custom font files with your skin and use them in your definition and style files. These fonts are not installed system wide, they are only made available to Messenger and Messenger Plus! windows.
  • Skins: gradient colors can now be specified in "Color" resources. These colors are to be used in backgrounds only. Note that in the current version of Messenger 9 Beta, horizontal gradients will be displayed vertically.
  • Skins: a new "Rectangles" resource type has been added in "Replace". You can use it to replace rcrect styles more directly.
  • Skins: additional flexibility and features added for custom option windows:
    • Any number of link controls can now be added in custom option windows. The caption of the control is used as link, http and https is supported. Note that the caption can only contain a link, no extra text is permitted for the web site's address to be detected.
    • You can now add a button or a link control with id "AboutWnd" to trigger the display of a second, separate about box for your skin. To id of your about box windows are defined in SkinInfo, OptionInterface\AboutIds elements.
    • The About Box window cannot contain any option control. It can, however, contain link controls (as specified above).
  • Skins: A new "Environment" kind of <*PlusSkin*> tag is now supported. It allows conditions based on the current version of Messenger or Messenger Plus!, or the language of Messenger.
  • Skins: the interface color used by the current user can now be reset to any custom color of your choice when a skin is enabled. This can be specified in the new Options\Messenger\ResetUserColor element of skininfo and is useful if your skin looks better in a given color. If the skin supports colorization, it is recommended to keep blue as the default in your files and use this setting to choose the substitute a default color on installation.


Messenger Plus! Live 4.60.324

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