ZoneAlarm 7.0.470.000 Pro/Antivirus/Internet Security - Final

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ZoneAlarm Security Suite是我们见过的最好的安全软件套件之一.该软件套件的用户界面比其它竞争对手们要简单明了得多,而且其丰富功能集还包括个人信息库和即时通讯信息 加密等功能,尽管今后ZoneAlarm仍需进一步改进(尤其是垃圾邮件过滤功能),但总的来说,不管是在家中使用PC还是在旅途中操作手提电脑, ZoneAlarm Security Suite都称得上是一款可为用户提供全面隐私和安全策略的强大软件包.
Changes in ZoneAlarm version 7.0.470.000:
* Usability improvements:
o Fixed the issue where in some cases the client would “lose” settings, causing user to respond to alerts that otherwise would not appear
o Prevent unnecessary error dialog to be displayed for non-Admin users
o Client can now be started in safe mode (with networking only) for antivirus scan and removal
* Compatibility improvements:
o Enable content filtering and privacy when ForceField is active
o Fixed the Spy Doctor Gate to only gate for 5.0 and earlier
o Free ZoneAlarm firewall and ZoneAlarm Pro can now co-exist with Kaspersky AV
* Various other stability and performance improvements

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ZoneAlarm 7.0.470.000 Pro/Antivirus/Internet Security - Final

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