Zonealarm ForceField 1.0.326.0 beta

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ZoneAlarm ForceField,被设计保护浏览器免受基于互联网的威胁比如:钓鱼威胁、间谍站点、偷窃、间谍软件下载, 和隐私泄露.使用的时候,有一层光圈围绕着你的浏览器.并多了一个ZAFF的工具栏. 只支持Internet Explorer 6 and 7- Firefox 2.0浏览器,完全支持Windows XP SP2 操作系统,官方未正式支持Windows Vista (32-bit),但可以运行.与之相比兼容性不如WinXP

Anti-phishing heuristics may slow browsing at some sites. The phishing characteristics detection (heuristics) that ForceField performs at Web sites may slow the speed at which some Web sites load.
Anti-phishing heuristics may display some false positive findings (please report any false positives)
Clearing virtual data clears new settings. Setting changes that you make to your web browser occur inside the ForceField virtual file system.
Game protection software (nProtect) conflict. The ForceField anti-keylogger uses a low-level system technology that may conflict with other low-level technologies, such as software that is often used for protecting computer games from debugging and malicious access to game code.
Some applications may launch unprotected (no ForceField) browser windows. Some programs, including some instant messengers, may have Web page links that open a browser window without ForceField.
Files in virtual file system may become corrupted due to some reason and as a result browser may fail to start.
SnagIt is able to take screenshots only after disabling anti-keylogging and rebooting

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Zonealarm ForceField 1.0.326.0 beta

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