EmEditor Professional 7.50 Alpha 1

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用来编辑Windows上的HTML及其他程式的文书编辑器。EmEditor完全支持万国码(Unicode)和外挂模组(plug-ins),所以你 可以用它来编辑多语言的文章,并且可以扩张它的功能来满足你的特殊要求。同时,EmEditor是一个小型轻便快速的文书编辑程式.它有许多强大的功能例 如用户可调整的强调功能,URL可选功能,OLE的拖拉功能,寻找和取代功能,键盘和功能表的设定等等。


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EmEditor Professional 7.50 alpha 1 is available for download. The new features include:

- Box editing is now possible (allows you to insert text at each line within the box selection).
- Binary (ASCII View) and Binary (Hexadecimal View) were added to available encodings.
- The Indent Guides (Configuration Properties > Marks > Show Indent Guides).
- Horizontal/vertical lines are now drawn as dotted lines.
- Right-click in the line numbers or the left side of the window to move the cursor to start of that line.
- Tag Format can be now specified with regular expressions (Customize > Edit > Tag Format).
- Drag and drop editing can be now disabled (Customize > Edit > Enable Text Drag and Drop).
- Customize > Edit > "Read Only when a temporary file opened with View Source on Internet Explorer".
- Customize > Advanced > "Use System Temporary Folder".
- The Keyboard Map window can be sorted by clicking each column.
- INI files can be now imported to the Registry (Import and Export Wizard > Import Personal INI files to the Registry.).
- The "Copy" command now copies the entire current line when no text is selected. The old behavior can be also selected by using "Copy Selection" command.
- The "Cut" command now cuts the entire current line when no text is selected. The old behavior can be also selected by using "Cut Selection" command.
- The Function Bar can be displayed now (View > Function Bar).
- The new dialog when invalid characters are contained in the opening file.
- The new dialog when the document contains characters which will be lost if saved as selected encoding for saving.
- Find in Files results can be redirected in the Output Bar (Find in Files > Use Output Bar).
- The new "Jump Next" and "Jump Previous" commands can be used to jump between results in the Output bar.
- Mouse wheel with CTRL increases or decreases font size.
- Mouse wheel with Right-click moves to next or previous document.
- New commands:
-- Reload as Binary (ASCII View)
-- Reload as Binary (Hex View)
-- Save as Binary (ASCII View)
-- Save as Binary (Hex View)
-- Jump Next
-- Jump Previous
-- Cut Selection
-- Copy Selection
-- Set Word to Replace
-- Replace Next
-- Toggle Function Bar
- The Projects plug-in was improved with solution templates, the toolbar, the parameter information tooltip, etc. It also allows you to open Visual Studio solution files as read-only.

http://www.emeditor.com/pub/emed750a1epx.msi (32-bit)
http://www.emeditor.com/pub/emed750a1ep64.msi (64-bit)


EmEditor Professional 7.50 Alpha 1

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