SyncToy v2.0 发布 - 微软同步工具

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还记得Win95/98时代用来做文件同步的"我的公文包"么?现在微软又发布了一个小工具SyncToy,目前处于2.0 Beta阶段.
下载:SyncToy v2.0

# Dynamic Drive Letter Assignment: Drive letter reassignment will now be detected and updated in the folder pair definition.
# True Folder Sync: Folder creates, renames and deletes are now synchronized for all SyncToy actions.
# Exclusion Filtering Based on Name: File exclusion based on name with exact or fuzzy matching.
# Filtering Based on File Attributes: The ability to exclude files based on one or more file attributes (Read-Only, System, Hidden).
# Unattended Folder Pair Execution: Addressed issues related to running scheduled folder pairs while logged off.
# Folder Pairs With Shared Endpoints: Ability for folder pairs associated with the same or different instances of SyncToy to share end-points.
# Command line enhancements: Added the ability to manage folder pairs via the command line interface.
# The SyncToy engine has been rearchitected to provide scalability and the ability to add significant enhancements in future releases.
# Sync engine is also more robust insomuch that many single, file level errors are skipped without affecting the entire sync operation.
# Sync Encrypted Files: Sync of Encrypted files works when local folder and files are encrypted, which addresses the common scenario involving sync between local, encrypted laptop PC folder and remote, unencrypted desktop PC folder.
# 64-Bit compatibility
# Folder pair rename
# Sub-folder Exclusion Enhancements: Descendents creates under excluded sub-folders are automatically excluded.
# Folder Pair Metadata Moved: Folder pair metadata removed from MyDocuments to resolve any issues with server-based folder pair re-direction setup.
# Removed combine and subscribe actions.


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SyncToy v2.0 发布 - 微软同步工具

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