Avant Browser 11.7 Alpha 4

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Avant Browser是一个文件小却相当好用的浏览器软件,它有着IE与Opera浏览器的功能与特性.如:可阻挡一些弹式的广告窗口,可设定一些功能如不显示 图片、声音、影像及ActiveX 组件所产生的特效.内置有著名的 Google 收寻引擎方便你快速找寻你所要的信息.让你清除一些垃圾资料如网址列上的网址资料、Cookies、历史资料及无用的TEMP资料.软件完全免费,支持全 中文菜单,不含任何SpyWare、AdWare等等.
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    * Fixed the Autofill password security issue
    * Perfected both browsers' icon resolution in the switching programs interface
    * Fixed the bug where the Zoom In function didn't act accurately
    * Fixed the bug where a new page was always opened in foreground under any condition
    * Fixed the bug where the Save As Text function didn't work
    * Fixed the bug where uninstalling Avant removed all items in the default list under Vista
    * Fixed the bug that restarting a new instance of Avant kept notifying you to reopen up the opened tabs in the previous instance
    * Fixed the bug that caused the focus to jump to the previously used tab after entering URL
    * Fixed the bug where the search and address bar didn't allow special characters
    * Fixed Avant's User Agent String
    * Fixed the bug where the options for the floating bar didn't take effect
    * Fixed the bug that caused the address bar to not get changed accordingly when the newly opened blank page was redirected to the homepage


Avant Browser 11.7 Alpha 4

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