ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Beta

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    ZoneAlarm还有网关管理功能,通过专家级的规则制定,它能够让高级用户自由控制上网资源。专家级的规则制定功能也存在于其它防火墙中,但 是,ZoneAlarm专家级的规则制定功能更强大,体现在可以对组操作(避免重复操作)、间控制和可以控制到MAC级别,这正是网管需要的功能。

Thank you very much for your interest in the ZoneAlarm Beta. Please make sure to read the instructions below before you download and install the build.
This Beta will install on Windows XP (32-bit) and Windows Vista (32-bit, SP2)

Thank you again, and we look forward to your feedback! The ZoneAlarm team Preparation: Please make sure your machine is all set up before you install our latest beta software. By installing some recommended tools you will help us to make this Beta more successful and your beta reports even more valuable. Version currently in testing: ZoneAlarm Extreme Security (32-bit)
Fixed Issues
  (since build
  • Stability: Resolved an incompatibility with Network Magic as well as some networking software that comes with certain brands of router.
  • User Experience: Welcome page displayed on installation has been redesigned.

Testing Details

Who is eligible to test? This is an open Beta and anybody is welcome to participate. We do NOT suggest using Beta software unless you are familiar with editing the registry, manually removing the product, and so on. Remember that there is NO technical support for the Beta versions.

IMPORTANT: We do not support upgrades from Beta to any shipping version. Once a beta expires (every Beta build hard expires after 60 days) users will need to either upgrade to a newer beta build or uninstall the beta and re-install a shipping client version. If you had a valid license key before you installed the beta build, it will still be on the system and a shipping build will recognize it. How to help make this Beta more successful:
  • Please only test on: Windows XP/Vista (32-bit)
  • Please make sure to not report issues that are listed under "Known Issues"
  • Please make sure to generate a complete memory dump for ANY hang you report. Without that there is little to no value in the bug report.
  • Please make sure to run your machine overnight and see if the experience is the same after it has been running for hours/days or if you experience slowdowns, blocked traffic and so on.
  • If you have a Notebook, please test hibernate/standby mode and see if the experience is the same after it has been running for hours/days or if you experience slowdowns, blocked traffic and so on.
  • Make sure to click all panels and verify that they load and refresh correctly.
  • Test each of the features
  • Keep an eye on system stability and resource usage while running the ZoneAlarm Beta
  • If you report a BSOD, system/program hang or client/truevector crash, please make sure to send us your error logs (instructions can be found on the confirmation mail you will receive when you submit feedback, including your error-submission case number, which will change for every submission you do.)
  • Please send detailed feedback using this form:



ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Beta

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