FlashFXP v3.8 BETA - (3.7.5 build 1292)

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FlashFXP 是功能强大的 FXP/FTP 软件,融合了一些其他优秀 FTP 软件的优点,如像 CuteFTP 一样可以比较文件夹,支持彩色文字显示;像 BpFTP 支持多文件夹选择文件,能够缓存文件夹;像 LeapFTP一样的外观界面,甚至设计思路也差相仿佛。支持文件夹(带子文件夹)的文件传送、删除;支持上传、下载及第三方文件续传;可以跳过指定的文件类型,只传送需要的文件;可以自定义不同文件类型的显示颜色;可以缓存远端文件夹列表,支持FTP代理及 Socks;具有避免空闲功能,防止被站点踢出;可以显示或隐藏“隐藏”属性的文件、文件夹;支持每个站点使用被动模式等。
Changes specific to this release
* Minor improvements to the new tray tooltip.
* Added support for environment variables (i.e. %appdata%, %temp%) in most local browser inputs such as the address bar.
* Fixed bug that disabled the site auto timezone discovery feature.
* Reworked the local browser localization that was added several builds ago.
* Removed the 250 character limits for raw commands.

New Features
* SFTP Support.
* Added the ability to replace a client certificate, replacing the certificate assigns the new certificate to all the sites the previous certificate was assigned to.
* Added the ability to En-queue delete operations and raw commands. (Remote file list > Right click > EnQueue)
* Added History sub-menu to the connection dropdown menu list.
* Added an Option (Preferences > General > Options) "Include Quick Connect sites in History"
* Local folder sizes are pre-calculated prior to upload to help calculate a more accurate queue remaining time.
* Support for toolbar themes and custom button images.
* Added ability to add comments to a bug report directly from within FlashFXP.
* Added the ablity to reorder and select SFTP encryption ciphers/MACs. (global and per site)
* Updated OpenSSL to 0.9.8h.
* New extended toolbar tray tooltip that displays detailed transfer information.
* New option to blend transfer progressbar with windows theme. (Preferences > Display > Colors & Fonts > Blend with windows theme).
* New Global default and Session on transfer complete option "Retry failed transfers".
Set Per session via main menu > Session > Retry failed transfers.
Set global default via Preferences > Transfer > Retry failed transfers
* New option "Move failed transfers to the bottom of queue before retrying"
Set in Preferences > Transfer > Options.

* The chain of commands used for local synchronization when navigating via the listview has been reordered.
* Redesigned quick connect interface.

* Toolbar malfunction on windows 2000.
* Abnormal window behavior when switching between FlashFXP and the Internal text editor.
* Saving the favorites.dat would generate a crash report when the permission to save the file was denied.
* Resolved a problem with handling MLSD directory listings that resulted in the fields being converted to lowercase.
* Fixed issue with MSLD parsing owner/group/etc.

Please report bugs using our bug tracker at http://bugtracker.flashfxp.com

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FlashFXP v3.8 BETA - (3.7.5 build 1292)

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