Vista Transformation Pack v9.0.1

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这是一套能够将Windows XP/Server 2003操作系统完美地模拟成Windows Vista界面的软件。
你无需卸载即可更新Vista Transformation Pack,喜欢把XP美化成Vista的朋友试试吧。
Changes in Version 9.0.1:
- Added ViSplore in unsafe applications list (It's first beta version after all)
- Added restrcting applications don't meet the requirements from startup list (But not from installation so you can set it manually still)
- Added restrcting to set unsafe applications in Personalization page (Welcome Center only)
- Fixed Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibilities (Even non-RTM version can apply so make sure you use official build 5512)
- Fixed "Do not show this welcome screen after restart" option bug that always keep program in startup instead
- Updated Vista Rainbar's launcher for constant waiting cursor activity issue
- Updated Vistalize basic desktop theme components to apply font and toolbar in Personalization
- Updated VisualTooltip default configuration to set area space in bottom from 30 to 0
- Updated WinFlip's configuration for higher reliablity and compatibilities with ViStart

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Vista Transformation Pack v9.0.1

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