EditPlus 3.10

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一套功能强大,可取代记事本的文字编辑器,拥有无限制的撤消与重做、英文拼字检查、自动换行、列数标记、搜寻取代、同时编辑多文件、全屏幕浏览功能。而它还有一个好用的功能,就是它有监视剪贴板的功能,能够同步于剪贴板自动将文字粘贴进 EditPlus 的编辑窗口中,让你省去粘贴的步骤。
* Visual Style for toolbar background
* 'Exclude' option added on the Find in Files.
* 'Cache directory content' added on the FTP Settings dialog box.
* 'Find Window' command (Window menu).
* 'Next/Prev Function' commands (Search menu).
* Supports align of column selection.
* Allows decimal point for 'auto save interval'.
* Document Selector setting for max/min number of rows ('Preferences'->'Layout').
* 'Close Others' command added to the Document Selector.
* Resizable project dialog box.
* 'Show project name on the title bar' option ('Project'->'Edit Project').
* 'No Recent File list' option ('Preferences'->'Files').
* 'Invert Markers' command ('Search'->'Markers').
* 'Reload All' command ('File'->'Others').
* 'Check the Latin alphabet only' spell checker option.
* 'Stop at the end of file' option for the 'Playback Multiple' command.
* 'Stay open' option on the Function List dialog box.
* 'Next/Prev Document Row' command ('Window'->'Others').
* 'Always binary type for gif, jpg, png files' option (Upload dialog box).
* 'Remove Line' command (Output Window).
* 'Remove Leading Spaces' command ('Edit'->'Format').
* 'Close if found' option (Find dialog box).
* 'Cliptext Item 1 - 10' commands ('Edit'->'Cliptext').
* 'Enable Auto Run Groups' option ('Tools'->'User Tool Groups').

<bug fix>
* FTP did not work if username contains '@' sign.
* 'Open With' from Explorer could fail in some cases.
* sftp could cause stack overflow crash.
* '(' letter in the remote file name could cause program crash.
* Code Folding feature could significantly slow down the file loading.
* Recent Files list had duplicated lists for remote files.
* 'Rename' could fail if file did not appear on the Directory Window.
* 'Begin/End Column' did not work correctly with horizontal scroll.
* 'Tabs to Spaces' conflicted with the code folding feature.
* Some sftp site could cause program crash.

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EditPlus 3.10

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