BitDefender Total Security 2009 Build

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BitDefender Total Security 2009 includes an enhanced feature set:
• Online Backup: BitDefender 2009 offers users the ability to backup sensitive data online to ensure it is secure if something goes wrong – like your computer is stolen or a hard drive failure. Unlike competitive offerings, BitDefender Online Backup offers incremental, versioned and differentiated backup modes to better meet customer's specific needs.
• Increased Privacy Protection through Instant Messaging Encryption: Supporting Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger, BitDefender 2009 ensures that no one can eavesdrop on instant messaging traffic between two PCs with BitDefender installed
• Increased Storage Protection with File Vault: With BitDefender 2009 File Vault, a secured storage space for personal information or sensitive files kept locally in your computer, encrypted data is stored that is invulnerable to theft or to a security breach.
• Improved Integrated Online Security: BitDefender Total Security 2009 provides users a full range of proactive protection technologies for secure everyday online activities such as banking, shopping, browsing or socializing. Web, email and Instant messaging traffic are now scanned in real-time for viruses, spyware, phishing and identity theft attempts.
• More control via Home Network Management: For home users, BitDefender 2009 provides the ability to manage the security of a home network from a single location. BitDefender software from other computers in the network can be remotely configured, while tasks such as scans, tune-ups and updates can be scheduled and run.
• Other Improvements include: an improved Gamer mode, a Laptop mode, increased performance with lower resources consumption, enhanced usability, and firewall (IDS and IPv6 support) support.


BitDefender Total Security 2009 Build

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