foobar2000 1.4.1 Beta 1 发布

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foobar2000是一款Windows 平台下的高级音频播放器,包含了一些播放增益支持、低内存占用等基本特色以及内置支持一些流行的音频格式,支持强大的界面扩展和插件以及出色的音效。foobar2000的定位是专业数字音频播放工具,是一款出色的播放器。foobar2000 1.2支持UPnP MediaRenderer设备即插即用,使用FFmpeg进行MP3、AAC和Vorbis解码。


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  • Better error message when trying to open M4A file renamed to .aac.

  • Added %video_codec% info for Matroska and MP4 files.

  • Added support for PCM audio in MP4 container.

  • Made mouse wheel work in playlist view during a drag&drop operation.

  • Improved handling of classical music metadata for iTunes M4A files.

  • Added %bitspersample_extra% info to tell between int32/float32 PCM files.

  • Added support for ID3v2 iTunes Grouping field.

  • Converter: advanced-preferences option to encode to temp folder and move encoded-and-tagged files to the intended destination.

  • Made tag update operations not fail when another application has the file open for reading.

  • Corrected wrong bitrate shown for FLAC in Matroska container.

  • Corrected labels for F13-F24 keyboard shortcuts.

  • Fixed bugs with ReplayGain Scanner's automatic resampling of high sample rate content.

  • Bumped maximum allowed sample rate to deal with DSD1024 content.

  • Made Media Library respect 'include hidden files & folders' setting in Advanced Preferences.

  • Converter with “don't reset DSP between tracks” now respects DSP-reported latency for proper handling of gapless albums.

  • PPHS resampler bug fixes (inaccurate reported latency, crashing with extreme sample rates).

  • Fixed ReplayGain scan results showing zero peaks on near-silent 24-bit files.

  • New and improved buffering scheme for improved network streaming performance (ported from foobar2000 mobile).

  • Internet radio handling regressions from 1.4 fixed; added an Advanced Preferences setting for ShoutCast metadata codepage.

  • Fixed component auto update on Windows XP (1.4 regression).

  • Added an Advanced Preferences option to toggle asymmetric search, reverting search behaviors to 1.3 style.

  • Added title formatting fields for showing track/album peaks as decibel values.

  • Improved status feedback from batch attach album art tool.

  • Pressing “next” past the end of playlist now restarts the playlist even without “repeat” mode.

  • Made Converter “copy other files” feature respect parent folder (..\pattern) references.

  • Added EXTM3U info writing (enabled via advanced preferences).

  • Added 5.1 and 7.1 upmix DSPs.


foobar2000 1.4 正式版发布


foobar2000 1.4.1 Beta 1 发布

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