DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced (32/64bit) 4.30.0305

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最好用的虚拟光驱软件Daemon Tools提供的收费版DAEMON Tools Pro。和普通免费版DAEMON Tools相比,DAEMON Tools Pro最多可以设置32个虚拟光驱,同时加入了对TAGES、Starforce 3.x加密的光盘的完美模拟。另外,DAEMON Tools普通免费版无光盘镜像制作功能,DAEMON Tools Pro则加入了这项功能。

What's new in DAEMON Tools Pro Version 4.30.0305:
- Image Editor;
- Windows 7 beta supporting (SPTD 1.58);
- Explorer images context command "Edit Image...";
- Agent command line parameter "help";
- mdf-file type association option;
- Output image type switcher (mds/iso) on Disc Imaging dialog;
- Languages updates.

Bugs fixed:
- Iterative DTProHlp.exe UAC confirmation at DTPro startup;
- Adapters switching from Virtual Device Manager under user account with enabled UAC;
- Access denied message with DTPro started under user account;
- Program Compatibility Assistant issue of setup;
- Lock media during disc imaging issues;
- Some GUI issues with not default DPI;
- Folders in Image Catalog get cloned;
- Device icon with mounted image that has "Custom Icon";
- Send request dialog closing after success sending;
- Tab switching in DTPro issues;
- Drag & drop images from Explorer improving;
- Agent: Recently Used Images icons displaying;
- Shell Extensions engine improving;
- Setup improving: Unicode supporting;
- Some minor GUI bugs.

Homepage - http://www.disc-soft.com/products/dtproAdv/

Size: 10.9 MB

DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced Edition v4.30.0305
DAEMON Tools Pro Standard Edition v4.30.0305
DAEMON Tools Pro Basic Edition v4.30.0304 Free


DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced (32/64bit) 4.30.0305

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