EmEditor Professional 9.00 alpha

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简单好用的文本编辑器,支持多种配置,自定义颜色、字体、工具栏、快捷键设置,可以调整行距,避免中文排列过于紧密,具有选择文本列块的功能(按ALT 键拖动鼠标),并允许无限撤消、重做,总之功能多多,使用方便,是替代记事本的最佳编辑器之一.今天他们发布了9系列EmEditor,也更新了很多东西.
- The Snippets plug-in was significantly improved! It now supports dynamic snippets including macros, shell code, placeholders, regular expressions to transform, and other features. The default snippets tree contains many useful snippets; some of them are imported from the TextMate repository. You can import many available TextMate snippets, and they work without modification -- except that shell code must be modified to use macros (JavaScript, VBScript or any other ActiveScript) or Windows commands. Please see our new screencast showing how the new Snippets plug-in works!
-- Now, the snippet tree includes not only snippets, but also macros. These macros don't need to be saved as a file.
-- Trigger strings and shortcut keys (Tab by default) can be specified.
-- Tooltip hints can be specified; the tooltip appears when the trigger string matches the typed string. The tooltip verbosity and delay time can be adjusted.
-- TAB and SHIFT + TAB can be used to jump between placeholders.
-- Snippets and macros text can be edited in the EmEditor editor.
-- The plug-in can work in the background even when the Snippets custom bar is hidden (set in the Plug-in properties).
-- Global parameters can be specified.
-- The new Interface object can be used to communicate between snippets and macros.
-- The parameter symbol was changed from \{x} to ${x}.
-- The plug-in can easily import EmEditor and TextMate snippets by the Import command or drag and drop snippet files from Explorer to the Snippets tree.
- Brackets/Quotation marks can be auto-completed now. (Configuration Properties > Highlight (2) tab > Auto-Complete Brackets/Quotation Marks check box) For example, typing {, will insert } automatically after {. When text is selected, typing " will surround the selection with "".
- Indentation after #include or Label: line can be ignored now. (Configuration Properties > General tab > Tab/Indent button > Ignore After (Regular Expression))
- Full Screen command is available in the View menu, or F11 key by default.
- Paste Clipboard History command is available in the Edit menu, or CTRL + SHIFT + V by default.
- Wildcards are now supported in the command line. For instance, running emeditor.exe *.txt will open all the txt files in the current folder.
- The standard input can be entered in the Output custom bar.
- Incremental search is supported in the "Find" and "Replace" dialog boxes.
- "v" and "^" buttons were added to toggle single/multiple text boxes in the "Find" and "Replace" dialog boxes.
- "Find in Files" and "Replace in Files" dialog boxes are modeless now.
- "Clicking the URL selects the whole string" check box added in the Link tab of Configuration Properties.
- Fixed indent guide bugs.
- The replace format "(?n:true_expression:false_expression)" was added to regular expression replaces.
- Drag and drop a tab now allows you to choose between copy/create shortcut of the current file and create a new group.
- Macro: clipboardData object enhancements. For instance, the following macro will display the clipboard history, and selecting an item will insert that text.

http://www.emeditor.com/pub/emed900a12epx.msi (English, 32-bit)
http://www.emeditor.com/pub/emed900a12ep64.msi (English, 64-bit)


EmEditor Professional 9.00 alpha

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