EmEditor Professional 8.05

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简单好用的文本编辑器,支持多种配置,自定义颜色、字体、工具栏、快捷键设置,可以调整行距,避免中文排列过于紧密,具有选择文本列块的功能(按ALT 键拖动鼠标),并允许无限撤消、重做,总之功能多多,使用方便,是替代记事本的最佳编辑器之一.今天他们发布了9系列EmEditor,也更新了很多东 西.
Updates from v8.04 include:
- Fixed the bug that regular expression replace in selection only might crash when virtual space is on.
- Matching Parenthesis/Bracket Extend command did not always work in the HTML configuration.
- Fixed the bug that the Indent Guide did not show correctly.
- Fixed the bug that GetProfileString method did not work when using INI files.
- Fixed the bug that uppercase/lowercase and half-width/full-width conversions did not always work on the last line when there was no return at the end of the document.
- Fixed the bug related vertical editing in one line selection.
- Fixed the selection range after box selection replace in virtual space mode.
- German edition with German installer added.

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EmEditor Professional 8.05

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