Messenger Plus! Live 4.82.368

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一款可以为MSN加上一系列的方便的功能的软件.比如保存历史纪录、使用IRC命令、隐藏广告栏等等,大大的增强了MSN的功能.主要功能:聊天记录自动 保存/好友动态全面追踪/轻松管理联系人/文本格式由我定/你的长名我截短/强大的发送功能/自定义快捷文本/Appearance(外观)选项 /Text Recall(文字召回)选项/Contact Sounds(联系人声音)选项.



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  • Messenger Plus! is now entirely compatible with Windows 7 (RC minimum) :
    • The Messenger Lock feature has been fixed. A new icon is added to the tray in Windows 7 if an unlock keyboard shortcut is not specified.
    • The default Messenger Lock icon in Windows 7 has been changed to blend in better in the new UI (hourglass: shell32.dll,323).
    • Note: the jump list of Messenger will work properly when using the Multiple-Accounts (polygamy) option but  you'll get the options for only one of your Messenger clients.
    • Tabbed chats display a proper preview (peek) picture with a list of currently opened chats. Chats waiting for input are colorized in the thumbnail and Alt+Tab or Win+Tab combinations also display the proper picture.
    • A couple of other minor fixes here and there to make the Windows 7 experience complete.
  • The settings of your scripts and skins can now be exported from the preferences panel and re-imported back.
    • Only the settings of the scripts/skins are exported and not the scripts/skins themselves.
    • As far as scripts are concerned, only the scripts that put their settings where they're supposed to (see MsgPlus.ScriptRegPath) will be concerned by this new feature.
  • This release is contest-ready!
    • In this version, you will see a new golden icon in your Messenger toolbar. Those who participated in the contest 2 years ago will probably remember what this is.
    • A "Play and Win" menu has been added in the contact list.
    • The 2009 Contest is not open yet, it will be in about a week from now. Remember to give it a try in July!
  • The bug present in beta versions of IE8 has been fixed in IE8 Final. The workaround for displaying long chat logs in the Log Viewer has been removed.
  • Navigation arrows are now added in Windows 7 for tabbed chats, below the Aero Peek thumbnail in the task bar. Use them to switch from one chat to the next.
  • Fixed: the background of the title bars of Messenger Plus! windows does not display correctly with bright colors.
  • When a directory is selected in the Log Viewer, the log currently displayed is removed from the screen.
  • Fixed: default Messenger sounds for event notifications and new external emails aren't played by Messenger Plus! in Messenger 2009.
  • Scripts. Fixed: scripts may be automatically started and marked as "running" the first time Messenger is restarted after a script has been updated, even if the script is disabled.
  • Skins. Fixed: new border areas specified in <Dimensions> do not work in Messenger 2009 Final.
  • Skins: Fixed: the <FrameCount> element in <MetaData> is not used if specified without any other meta data.
  • A couple of stability fixes. Runaway, from the river to the street.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.81.358 (22/03/2009)

  • Directories and files in the log viewer are now sorted chronologically, when possible.
  • Added "OverrideImgTransfer" registry setting. If set to true (1), Messenger Plus! forces a JPG file to be sent in a file transfer when a picture is pasted in a conversation. Especially useful if you do not like Photo Sharing in Messenger 2009.
  • Fixed: custom emoticons that are assigned keyboard shortcuts such as "!" prevent emotion sounds to be sent properly.
  • In order to accelerate the uninstaller, scripts and skins removed during uninstallation are now deleted instead of moved to the Recycle Bin.
  • Fixed: Log Viewer does not display long chat logs properly when Internet Explorer 8 is installed (I consider this to be a bug in the way IE8 emulates IE7 for WebBrowser controls with Transitional XHTML).
  • Fixed: pressing Ctrl+A in a multi-line edit box doesn't have any effect.
  • Scripts. ChatWnd::SendMessage() can now be used with an empty message parameter to send the text currently present in the typing area.
  • Fixed: the Emotion Sound panel is not properly placed in the chat window when 20 sounds or more are displayed at the same time.
  • Fixed: some preferences windows and skin option panels may not be properly scrolled with the middle button of some mouses.
  • A new way to support Messenger Plus! will now be distributed in some versions of the setup.
    • Thanks to, you now have the option to change your home page and default search options without installing any program on your computer (apart from the uninstaller of Ask which just reverts back your browser's settings, which you can do yourself if you want).
    • The setup of Messenger Plus! can only ask for one of both options: the sponsor program from Circle Developement, or the home page/search engine changes from Both options, of course, are entirely optional.
    • In the next couple of weeks and months, the home page offered on will be customized and improved with lots of features. This could turn out to be a very cool addition to Messenger Plus! so don't hesitate to post your comments on the forum!


Messenger Plus! Live 4.82.368

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