uTorrent 2.0 Build 16081 Beta

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- Change: disable toolbar offers for Wine installs
- Feature: New Setup guide & Speedtest.
- Change: uninstaller is added to all user profiles
- Fix: crash when assigning new label to torrents from RSS
- Change: Incomplete downloads sort after completed downloads if sorting by "Completed On"
- Feature: Add Moldova to peer flags
- Change: Added upnp host cache to speed up upnp nat resolution on misbehaving routers
- Fix: maintain category list selection on update for some edge cases
- Change: if selected, install start menu and desktop shortcuts to all users instead of only current user
- Feature: Grayscale disabled toolbar buttons
- Fix: fixed uTP selective ack bug (would cause connections to stall and time out)
- Fix: fixed uTP fast re-send bug (would sometimes re-send packets that shouldn't be re-sent)
- Change: prompt to take associations in installer only if any others exist
- Fix: buffer overrun vulnerability in create torrent dialog
- Fix: uTP recovers faster after timeout
- Feature: uTP supports window sizes smaller than the packet size
- Change: reduced uTP overhead slightly by ramping up packet sizes at lower rates
- Feature: enable and disable toolbar buttons according to selected torrents
- Change: UAC must be completed to install in Vista or higher
- Fix: memory leaks in main window, protocol associations, settings dialog, general tab
- Change: Tweaks to Ask toolbar offer
- Feature: UDP tracker support
- Fix: only change run on startup if installer is shown
- Change: added support for 3:rd party applications to more easily be configured to access the uTorrent web UI, i.e. to pair the applications
- Fix: make "alternate upload rate when seeding" apply when the seeding is set by the scheduler
- Fix: align "Web Seeds" in torrent creation dialog
- Fix: translated strings in uninstaller
- Fix: http seeds would not reconnect after stopping and starting torrent
- Fix: http seed for multifile torrents
- Fix: regression in 15562 that caused frequent crashes
- Feature: New installer with EULA, file association
- Fix: uTP issue on low-latency high-throughput networks
- Fix: copying long filenames to clipboard no longer results in garbage or crash
- Fix: fixed web seed support for multi-file torrents
- Change: torrent whose "Force Recheck" is greyed out will not recheck when asked through multi-torrent selections
- Fix: when adding torrents through URLs via commandline, we would always open the add torrent dialog
- Fix: handle multi file torrents with web seed urls that incorrectly don't end with a slash
- Fix: make sure web seed urls end with a slash for multifile torrents
- Fix: setup Vista firewall
- Fix: remove settings on Vista during un-installation
- Feature: New "Transfer Cap" pane in Preferences
- Feature: uTP can be enabled or disabled using "Enable bandwidth management" checkbox in Preferences
- Fix: Check at startup for incompatible versions of NVIDIA nForce firewall


uTorrent 2.0 Build 16081 Beta

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