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VirtualBox最早是德国一家软件公司InnoTek所开发的虚拟系统软件,后来被Sun收购,改名为Sun VirtualBox,性能有很大的提高.因为他是开源的,不同于VM,而且功能强大,可以在 Linux/Mac 和 Windows 主机中运行, 并 支持在其中安装 Windows (NT 4.0、2000、XP、Server 2003、Vista)、DOS/Windows 3.x、Linux (2.4 和 2.6)、OpenBSD 等系列的客户操作系统.假如你曾经有用过虚拟机软件的经历的话,相信使用 VirtualBox 不在话下。即便你是一个新手,也没有关系。VirtualBox 提供了详细的文档,可以助你在短期内入门。

Changes in VirtualBox 3.0.6 (released 2009-09-09):
    * VMM: fixed IO-APIC overhead for 32 bits Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003 guests (AMD-V only; bug #4392)
    * VMM: fixed a Guru meditation under certain circumstances when enabling a disabled device (bug #4510)
    * VMM: fixed a Guru meditation when booting certain Arch Linux guests (software virtualization only; bug #2149)
    * VMM: fixed hangs with 64 bits Solaris & OpenSolaris guests (bug #2258)
    * VMM: fixed decreasing rdtsc values (AMD-V & VT-x only; bug #2869)
    * VMM: small Solaris/OpenSolaris performance improvements (VT-x only)
    * VMM: cpuid change to correct reported virtual CPU id in Linux
    * VMM: NetBSD 5.0.1 CD hangs during boot (VT-x only; bug #3947)
    * Solaris hosts: worked around an issue that caused the host to hang (bug #4486)
    * Solaris hosts: fixed a rare host system deadlock when using bridged networking
    * Solaris hosts: fixed a potential host system deadlock when CPUs were onlined or offlined
    * Solaris hosts installer: added missing dependency for UTF-8 package (bug #4899)
    * Linux hosts: don't crash on Linux PAE kernels < 2.6.11 (in particular RHEL/CentOS 4); disable VT-x on Linux kernels < 2.6.13 (bug #1842)
    * Linux/Solaris hosts: correctly detect keyboards with fewer keys than usual (bug #4799)
    * Mac OS X hosts: prevent password dialogs in 32 bits Snow Leopard
    * Python WS: fixed issue with certain enumerations constants having wrong values in Python webservices bindings
    * Python API: several threading and platform issues fixed
    * Python shell: added exportVM command
    * Python shell: various improvements and bugfixes
    * Python shell: corrected detection of home directory in remote case
    * OVF: fixed XML comment handling that could lead to parser errors
    * Main: fixed a rare parsing problem with port numbers of USB device filters in machine settings XML
    * Main: restrict guest RAM size to 1.5 GB (32 bits Windows hosts only)
    * Main: fixed possible hang during guest reboot (bug #3792)
    * GUI: fixed rare crash when removing the last disk from the media manager (bug #4795)
    * VBoxManage: fixed guestproperty for Mac OS X hosts (bug #3806)
    * VBoxManage: fixed setting guest properties with --flags or -flags
    * Webservice: fixed a severe memory leak, at least on platforms using XPCOM
    * Serial: fixed host mode (Solaris, Linux and Mac OS X hosts; bug #4672)
    * VRDP: Remote USB Protocol version 3
    * SATA: fixed hangs and BSODs introduced with 3.0.4 (bugs #4695, #4739, #4710)
    * SATA: fixed a bug which prevented Windows 7 from detecting more than one hard disk
    * SATA/SCSI: fixed rare random guest crashes and hangs
    * SCSI: fixed problem with Fedora 11 refusing to boot after kernel update
    * iSCSI: fix logging out when the target has dropped the connection, fix negotiation of simparameters, fix command resend when the connection was dropped, fix processing SCSI status for targets which do not use phase collapse
    * BIOS: fixed a bug that caused the OS/2 boot manager to fail (2.1.0 regression, bug #3911)
    * PulseAudio: don't hang during VM termination if the connection to the server was unexpectedly terminated (bug #3100)
    * Mouse: fixed weird mouse behaviour with SMP (Solaris) guests (bug #4538)
    * HostOnly Network: fixed failure in CreateHostOnlyNetworkInterface() on Linux (no GUID)
    * HostOnly Network: fixed wrong DHCP server startup while hostonly interface bringup on Linux
    * HostOnly Network: fixed incorrect factory and default MAC address on Solaris
    * HostOnly Network: fixed the problem with listing host-only interfaces on Mac OS X when all physical interfaces are down (bugs #4698, #4790)
    * DHCP: fixed a bug in the DHCP server where it allocated one IP address less than the configured range
    * E1000: fixed receiving of multicast packets
    * E1000: fixed up/down link notification after resuming a VM
    * NAT: fixed ethernet address corruptions (bug #4839)
    * NAT: fixed hangs, dropped packets and retransmission problems (bug #4343)
    * Bridged Network: fixed packet queue issue which might cause DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE BSOD for Windows hosts (bug #4821)
    * Windows Additions: fixed a bug in VBoxGINA which prevented selecting the right domain when logging in the first time
    * Windows host installer: should now also work on unicode systems (like Korean, bug #3707)
    * Windows host installer: check for sufficient disk space
    * Shared clipboard: do not send zero-terminated text to X11 guests and hosts (bug #4712)
    * Shared clipboard: use a less CPU intensive way of checking for new data on X11 guests and hosts (bug #4092)
    * Guest Additions: do not hide the host mouse cursor when restoring a saved state (bug #4700)
    * Windows guests: fixed issues with the display of the mouse cursor image (bugs #2603, #2660 and #4817)
    * SUSE 11 guests: fixed Guest Additions installation (bug #4506)
    * Guest Additions: support Fedora 12 Alpha guests (bugs #4731, #4733 and #4734)



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