Ubuntu 10.04发布日发现重大bug 将重新打包发布

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预期是今天发布的,从午后开始刷屏,但是一直没有看到新的发布。从ubuntuforums.org 终于看到了一则消息,在28日发现了一个bug。 具体信息请参见这里,而这个bug的页面讨论是非常有意思的。 这个bug是说在双系统环境中,安装成功重新启动后,没有创建另一个系统的grub菜单,因此用户会发现另一个系统不见了。

Release note text added:
== Other operating systems may be missing from GRUB menu after installation ==
The desktop installer may fail to create GRUB menu entries for other operating systems in some cases. This is due to incorrect interaction between some components of the installer. To correct the problem after installation, run the following command: {{{
sudo update-grub
Alternatively, the first kernel update after installation will automatically correct this as a side-effect, and we expect to fix it in the installer as well for 10.04.1. (Bug:570765)


sudo update-grub

但是,很快Nicolas Delvaux发表了自己的看法:

I think it's not enough.
How many newbies will install Lucid and think that their windows has been removed?
This is a far more important bug than you seem to think, and asking to run "sudo update-grub" is not quite user friendly...
(and we often say that the first feeling is the most important)
The best workaround for me (cause there is no way to delay the release) may be to release a dummy/no-change upgrade (grub? kernel?) that will force grub to update.
This have to be done now, so the update will be available when people reboot for the first time (and if possible as a security update, so that update-manager pop-up on the screen directly).
Do you see my point?

意思是说,这样做是不够的,因为会有很多新手来安装ubuntu,他们会找不到自己的Windows,这个bug的严重性其实无法想象,而且运行这 样的修补命令对用户并不友好,而我们经常说的不正是用户体验最重要么。最好的方式就是立即解决这个问题,或者是在可能的情况下,在首次重新启动时直接进行 安全升级。

于是Jeff Lane肯定了Nicolas Delvaux的说法,并将此bug的重要性进行了调整,Undecided → Critical:

+1 for Nicolas' point... this issue, small and seemingly easy to work around as it may be, is a huge factor in the user experience, especially from the standpoint of the new user. For that reason, this is a critical bug, even though it does not directly impact Ubuntu itself.


Jeff Lane在后面的说法也很值得称赞:

we're all passionate about ensuring that 10.04 is the best Ubuntu and Linux release ever...


The point is that when a prospective new user first installs this and sees that Windows is gone (unless that first kernel update is going to occur BEFORE the first post-install reboot) he/she is going to freak out. The very first thought associated by that user to Ubuntu will be "OMG LINUX DELETED WINDOWS!"

问题是当我们期待中的新用户第一次安装了Ubuntu,然后突然发现Windows没了(除非在第一次重新启动前立即进行kernel升级),用户 肯定会疯掉,他对Ubuntu的第一反应一定是“Linux TMD删除了Windows!

新用户通常不会去看什么release notes,这样就会产生糟糕的第一印象,无论系统自身如何美妙,但是这种破坏已经形成了。



祝愿Ubuntu 10.04顺利发布!

查看:期待Ubuntu 10.04


Ubuntu 10.04发布日发现重大bug 将重新打包发布

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