7-Zip 15.01 Alpha/ 9.38 Beta 发布

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7-Zip是一个开放源码的数据压缩程序,主要用在Microsoft Windows操作系统,Unix-like的操作系统如Linux与 FreeBSD下面有7-zip的移植版本p7zip可以使用。它提供命令行接口的程序或图形用户界面的程序,而且可以与资源管理器结合。7-Zip是自 由软件,由Igor Pavlov于1999年开始发展,并把主体在GNU LGPL下发布,加密部份使用AES的代码,使用BSD license发布,解压RAR部分使用RAR特定的许可协议。

Changes in 7-Zip 15.01 Alpha (2015-05-16):
* 7-Zip now can create 7z, xz and zip archives with 1536 MB dictionary for LZMA/LZMA2.
* 7-Zip File Manager now can operate with alternate file streams at NTFS volumes via “File / Alternate Streams” menu command.
* 7-Zip now can extract .zipx (WinZip) archives that use xz compression.
* new optional “section size” parameter for BCJ2 filter for compression ratio improving. Example: -mf=BCJ2:d9M, if largest executable section in files is smaller than 9 MB.
* Speed optimizations for BCJ2 filter and SHA-1 and SHA-256 calculation.
* Console version now uses stderr stream for error messages.
* Console version now shows names of processed files only in progress line by default.
* new -bb[0-3] switch to set output log level. -bb1 shows names of processed files in log.
* new -bs[o|e|p][0|1|2] switch to set stream for output messages; o: output, e: error, p: progress line; 0: disable, 1: stdout, 2: stderr.
* new -bt switch to show execution time statistics.
* new -myx[0-9] switch to set level of file analysis.
* new -mmtf- switch to set single thread mode for filters.
* The BUG was fixed: 7-Zip didn’t restore NTFS permissions for folders during extracting from WIM archives.
* The BUG was fixed: The command line version: if the command “rn” (Rename) was called with more than one pair of paths, 7-Zip used only first rename pair.
* Some bugs were fixed.


7-Zip 15.01 Alpha (32-bit)

7-Zip 15.01 Alpha (64-bit)

7-Zip 9.38 Beta (32-bit)

7-Zip 9.38 Beta (64-bit)

7-Zip 9.20 (32-bit)

7-Zip 9.20 (64-bit)


7-Zip 15.01 Alpha/ 9.38 Beta 发布

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